Rules on Facebook Advertising You Must Follow

If you have a business on the internet you will probably have it advertised on networks that have the most number of users which enable you to maximize your reach. Facebook can be one of these networks because of its great numbers of active users and is interesting to note that Facebook users usually log on daily and spend a longer time on their Facebook pages than on other sites on the net.So you are making the most of these scenarios, and you set up a page on Facebook for your business so that when you have an advertisement you can lead viewers to this page. But after you have gone to all the tedious work of setting up an interesting and an attractive business page, you don’t want Facebook disabling your account because you are breaking the rules on setting up a business page.It takes a lot of time and effort to create a really attractive business page, and you wouldn’t want it to be disabled by Facebook because the rules are not met. And when your account is removed from Facebook you will not be able to create another account without approval from the social networking site.There are rules and guidelines provided by Facebook for online business owners when they create and promote a business page and these rules must be followed religiously. Facebook is not only strict in implementing rules in business, page creation and promotion but also strict in implementing advertising rules.Creating a personal profile for your business can make your account disabled and the best thing is to make it a business page because this is allowed. Facebook rules state that you have to provide your real name and other personal information when you register an account, and only one personal account is allowed.And Facebook has strict rules for running promotions on your business page and no prior written consent can make your page be removed from the social site. If you are running a promotional effort or have ads on Facebook you can publicize this on your blogs or other contents in the other networksHowever, when you advertise or promote your business page on the other networks you must not make it appear that this promotion is endorsed by Facebook. You can invite other users by being a fan to your business page or fan page.Facebook is really very strict with regards to advertisements (they really take a close look at your ads before having it approved) and the creation of your business page. If you break the rules you will risk the removal of your page and your account with Facebook and you will not be able to create another account.